Mauri pumps the crowd up!

Mauri is, without exaggeration, one of the cornerstones in what is today’s salsa scene. He has been on the decks for 25 years now, which is exactly the reason why he talks things exactly how they are, no politics, no round corners. This interview shall pump up some discussion!

Loca Latina’s world

Loca Latina is a musians’ cooperative that undoubtedly can excite salsa fans.
We discussed with Alexis Costas, founding member of the band, for their future plans but not only that...

Selene’s heart beats in the rhythm of salsa…

Interview: Our appointment was for Monday, following an intense weekend in Turkey… but she was too tired… “Why?” we asked. And her reply was “the music was so good, I couldn’t stop dancing”! Selene puts her heart in everything she does and her heart beats in the rhythm of Salsa…

Music to “La Maxima 79”!

Interview: Can’t hide it... We love La Maxima 79 and it was our great desire to interview them. We will probably do it next time, as now our discussion with Fabrizio Zoro became at once very interesting, rhythmically switching to cover all subjects. Exactly like the music of La Maxima 79!

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