El Sol Salsa Festival and the Greek freaks

We are lucky enough to live in a time where there is at least one festival or event every weekend somewhere around the world for us to dance at. There are big events, small events, exclusive events and then there are some that are simply out of this world.

El Sol Salsa Festival is one of those events.



With over 100 artists, 191 hours of workshops, 59 hours of parties, 60 handpicked quality shows and a staggering turnout of 5000 participants from all around the world the 14th edition of El Sol Salsa Festival was an event that went down in history.

Some of the biggest names of the dance industry were there, delivering breathtaking shows and filling the dance floor with countless jaw dropping intricate dance moves. Adolfo, Rodrigo, Karel, Tania, Maykel, Fernando, Bersy and so many more were there and everything was lit.

The Greek salsa scene couldn’t be absent from such an event of course. With shows by artists in every night’s showcase – and opening the Saturday night shows by Konstantinos Ntagiantas and Sofia Spyropoulou – Greece had no less than 4 shows in an elite selection of shows.


But that was not all. The Greek freaks took everyone by storm at the Star gate competition of the festival in all three categories.

  • 1st place in the couples category: Konstantinos Ntagiantas and Sofia Spyropoulou
  • 1st place in the groups category: Doogalooers (Nikos Mountrichas, Tina Bantzi, Efi Lampiri)
  • 3rd place in the solo category: Lydia Papaioannou

Congratulations as well to the winner of the solo category: Jai Sheffield from Australia.

One thing is for sure, Greece made an impact on one of the biggest festivals out there and we can’t wait for the 15th edition of El Sol Salsa Festival at 7-10/11/2019.





Visit the official site of: https://salsafestival.pl/en/

Get the opportunity to present your show during the evening gala party. All you have to do is register: https://salsafestival.pl/en/stargate-shows/how-to-join/


Stay on the dance floor: An upcoming interview of Konstantinos Ntagiantas winner of the couples category 😊


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