Salsa Festival Switzerland!

Having heard so much about this historic festival, which next year is celebrating its 19th anniversary, we didn’t know what to expect actually. To be fair, could this be the most long lived salsa festival in Europe?

Our guess is yes, however having been informed that the festival does no longer take place in its old luxurious venue, well let’s say we got there having low expectations.

Indeed nothing spectacular regarding the venue but at least it is very close to the central train station in Zurich from which you can actually go anywhere.. And Zurich is such a beautiful city.

During those 3 days, everything ran smoothly, with no delays, excellent service and friendly volunteers and staff. The feeling you were getting as an attendee, was that these people seemed to know what they were doing and what to offer, so that everyone would be happy.

Therefore, at this point we started wondering. How much attention should be paid to the venue and how much to the people?

Friday night was an absolute hit, great music and fairly ok space to dance.. Especially after 3am.  It’s not a secret that those who want to dance their ass off are patient with time and wait untill the dance floor is a bit less crowded.

Saturday classes on all floors and of all kinds were packed, and on the good side, people who had not dwelled into salsa and bachata for long, had the chance to do so. One focus on Saturday’s workshops: the Salsanama class by Tropical Gem, Fernando Sosa and Tatiana Bonaguro.

Whether you like the idea of salsa battles and Salsanama in general, it didn’t really matter.

So much respect for Fernando, and you know why? Not because he tried to make the audience like Salsanama… No… But for the fact that he used the time to explain to everyone – regardless of dance level – how to think when they are dancing. What you do when you listen to the descarga of a song and how your feet should react… Much love for this great teacher, he is inspiring and humble at the same time.

Te amamos Fernando. Y te amamos Tatiana , for the same reason.

A bonus point for the festival organization was the number of shows each night. Not more than 10 but enough to make you feel inspired. The premiere of Euromove on Saturday night was fire!!!

And another bonus point goes for the amazing music played and the carefully selected DJs on all floors.

Sunday came and well workshops weren’t as packed, as it is always the case… But again…those who attended were there untill the last workshop and seemed to enjoy every single one of them. Supermario, Leon Rose, Euphoria and DanceFloor are just a few examples with all of them having different styles and all making people have fun.

Did we mention there was an afternoon party as well? That’s a cool idea for those who can’t attend the Sunday party. And there was something magical for Sunday night too. People were tired and exhausted but they simply wouldn’t stop dancing…

By the way, photos from the parties and workshops started being uploaded on social media from Sunday on, and we are only mentioning it because that is rarely the case.

Actually, we are happy to say that …

Salsafestival Switzerland surpassed our expectations, with its simplicity and efficiency.

Everything working perfectly like a fine Swiss watch, with no need for unnecessary and fluffy additions.

Great music, great energy, friendly faces, a tireless Terry who danced with all the ladies who waited in line to dance with him. And two amazing social dancers… We don’t know their names, but we can describe them …

Two dancers that seemed to draw everyone’s attention with the fact that they just loved dancing and made their partners enjoy the dances equally..

One had a haircomb in his crazy afro hair, nice style Fella 😉.. your dancing was even nicer  😁.. And the other one, Asian characteristics, wearing knee pads and sliding literally on the dance floor and making his partners laugh…

Do you know them?

Tag them… And please remember…

What’s the point of dancing if you don’t make sure your dance partner has fun, too?

It takes 2 to Tango….Salsa…Bachata…Kizomba…so leave your egos behind and let your heart shine on the dance floor.

Tchuess Zuerich, bis spaeter 😉

Visit the official site of Salsafestival Switzerland

Stay on the dance floor: Till the next time people, remember why you started..and keep on dancing. For you 😊

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