Agenda 10.1.2019



A conference or meeting to discuss a particular subject.

There is nothing more particular than communication through dance! Our contest might have ended but we can still talk about 2019 and how we can make it “danciest” 🙂

Thursday 10/1:

Son Latinos Live @ Palenque Latin Club

The Secret Sessions 2019 @ Enzzo De Cuba

Kizomba & Bachata Party @ Fuego Latin Club

Gozalo Latin Vibes @ Mister Booze

Friday 11/1:

Athens Dance Symposium VIP Party @ Palenque Latin Club

Baila Con Estilo @ Enzzo De Cuba

3 Years Dance Stories @ Roha’s Cocktail Bar

Noche Latinos @ Fever Reloaded

Friday Latin Fire @ Fuego Latin Club

Latin Party @ City Lights

Saturday 12/1:

KizHub with Dansensual Vibes @ Roha’s Cocktail Bar

Saturday Latin Party @ Fever Reloaded

Felices Los Cuatro Salsa Bachata Kizomba @ Alsos Lounge Café

Saturday Cocoloco Night @ Fuego Latin Club

Saturday Latin Fiesta @ Palenque Latin Club

Hot Latin Nights @ Onze All Day Cafe Bar

Sunday 13/1:

School of Dance goes to Athens Dance Symposium @ Enzzo Friday’s Cuba

Red & Black Latin Nights @ Roha’s Cocktail Bar

SalsoBachatoKizomboParty @ Cuba Libre

Caffee Latino Madness @ Cuba Libre

Sunday Ladies Night @ Fuego Latin Club

Tuesday 15/1:

Image may contain: one or more people and stripes

Alma Latina @ Folie Club

Wednesday 16/1:

Bailando Loco @ Gazi View

Paliatsos Latin Party @ Paliatsos Bar Athens

Kizomba Practica By Eduardo @ Tango Factory

DJ Nikos Marinou presents: Athens Salsa Social Vinyl @ Palenque Latin Club

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photo by: © Tristan Honscheid/Flickr

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