5 Celebrations and 1 Gift


It’s been said that Athens is the city that never sleeps. That is so very true especially during the Christmas holidays… and who could argue with so many amazing events, parties and shows coming up?

We shouldn’t miss 5 important upcoming events while SocialDance365 is celebrating its 1st anniversary with a gift to you…

La Secta Dance Company 2008-2018

La Secta DC is turning 10 years old and celebrates it with a party that no one should miss. Dimitris Psychogios will blow 10 candles, proud of his “creation” and his contribution to the Athenian Salsa community.

When? 9/12

 Where? Roha’s Coctail Bar

A Gozar Arachova Salsa Bachata Kizomba meeting

An intense 3-day meeting awaits us in Arachova on December 14th-16th. A sensational assembly of both professional and amateur dancers.

Don’t miss the opportunity to dance under the instructions of Antonio & Jasmina, Angelo Rito, Carla Voconi who are visiting Greece especially for this event. With them, our very own Panagiotis & Myrto, Dimitris & Maria, Angel Vizcarra, Victoria, Konstantinos & Eva and many more. Djs Sergio, Οj, George, Juan among others will be on the decks and the dance floor will be on fire… and not only…

When? 14-16/12

 Where? Arachova

Humans by Salsa Sinners DC

Here in Athens, for some years now, we have been fortunate to have the opportunity to watch a dance show that is based on the very kind of dance that expresses us the most: Salsa.

While learning salsa, we amateur dancers sooner or later come to a surprising realization: dancing causes people to change; and by change we do not only mean the improvement of dancing skills, but mostly the change of the relationship with one’s self. this is exactly the keynote of “Humans”. Reformation through dance. In this context, Kiki and Salsa Sinners while celebrating their 11th birthday, they are staging a show for all of us inside or outside the Salsa Community.

When? 20/12

Where? Trianon Theatre

The dream of Christmas by Estilo Eterno

Angel Vizcarra  is very well known and loved in the local dance scene and his dance school Estilo Eterno is his latest creation. He and his students are working overtime for their Christmas show, a presentation of this new venture of his.

When? 21/12

Where? L. Konstantaras Theatre

Athens Dance Symposium

We hope your New Year’s resolutions will include more dancing, because that’s what we’re planning to do just after the Christmas holidays. A compelling 3-day festival will take place in Athens at Fever Ballroom, where we will have the chance to dance with and be taught by the masters of teachers (masters of masters or teachers of teachers- not a mix)… In Athens Dance Symposium we will have the unique opportunity to dance the Mambo under the instructions of the phenomenal Franklin Diaz, Cuban Salsa with the Maestro Albero Valdez, Salsa LA with the resourceful Mike and Maureen and of course to pick up from the technique and grace of the one and only Brenda Liew.

When? 11-13/1/2019

Where? Fever Reloaded Ballroom


SocialDance365 is turning 1 and  we are Celebrating a year of dancing by giving away a Free Pass (click for more…) for Athens Dance Symposium. Take the chance at winning it for the category of your choice (Cuban pass, Mambo pass, Salsa Pass)!

We thank you for the 18.000+ views of our articles, all the shares and the ‘likes’ and we hope to see you at any of the Athens Dance Symposium Parties to celebrate our birthday with us.

At this point Salsa will let you catch your breath from the classes and shows, to celebrate with friends and family away from dancing courses… we will certainly meet at some of the parties for which we update you every Thursday with our agenda 


Stay on the dance floor: Till the next time people, remember why you started. And keep on dancing. For you!


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