Pack your dancing-shoes, we’re going on a trip…

IAre you planning your Christmas holidays? Are you checking flights to book and destinations to visit? Do your New Year’s Resolutions involve dancing and more practice?

Ok! hold on!In this case, you must include Athens in your plans, because there is an upcoming event that will blow your mind!

Athens Dance Symposium is all about passion and it is an event for everyone. Even if you are Cuban-style dancer, NY/Mambo dancer, LA/On1 dancer or more of a fusion kind of dancer…


Some of the greatest of all, the teachers of the teachers are coming to town. Have you ever dreamed of dancing under the instructions of Franklin Diaz and Alberto Valdez?What about learning ladies style by  Brenda Liew? Have you ever wanted to shake things up with Mike and Maureen?


There will be more to be announced, so stay tuned! The only two things you need to do are to pack your dancing shoes and book a flight, because Athens Dance Symposium will take place between 11-13th of  January 2019…

Just in time to make your New Year’s resolutions reality.

Stay on the Dance Floor and follow us on  Facebook and Instagram  for more 😉


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