7 dance collaborations that you have to see!

We all love, admire, envy or wish we were them –or at least dance like them- but when we get to see them on stage together it’s even more special. Here are some of the collaborations among great artists that got us wanting for more.


Franklin Díaz and Rodrigo Cortázar

When the genius of Franklin met the unstoppable energy that is Rodrigo. Those two on stage performing a choreography, inspired by Franklin, where he comes across his younger self and his dancing, is all that we could ask for.



Adolfo Indacochea and Juan Matos

No words can sum up the talent that is in this one choreography. Two masters of their own mambo co-existing and giving us a show that sets the bar of collaborations to new heights.



Anita Santos Rubin, Adrian Rodriguez Garbajal and Johnny Vazquez

Εl príncipe de la Salsa, Johnny Vazquez, teams up with the couple that ruled the world for years, Adrian y Annita, to give us a lesson on what performance power really is. LA style in all its glory by these three legendary dancers.


 Tania Cannarsa, Tatiana Bonaguro, Adolfo Indacochea and Fernando Sosa

Ok let’s be real, we were all sitting on the edge of our seats the whole time we watched this routine for the first time. Whether it was live or on the web we knew this was going to be epic right from the start. And we were not mistaken. The smoothness of Adolfo and Tania colliding with the staccato philosophy of Fernando and Tatiana… Brilliant!



Grupo Alafia, Terry Tauliant, Jorge Ataka Burgos, Enoch Lopez, Adolfo Indacochea and Juan Matos.

What could be funkier than a pachanga choreography on a James Brown song? A pachanga choreography on a James Brown song by this all-star team of course. We were in for a treat when Grupo Alafia when on stage that night in Berlin, as right there with them, there were Terry, Jorge and Enoch. But that was not all, as halfway through the show Adolfo and Juan made a guest star appearance adding their flavor to the show.


Hacha y Machete and Island Touch

Following up to a Yamulee show is NEVER easy. But this collaboration sure held its’ ground. Sensual, fierce, innovativeand well performed, this show made it in our top favorite list on first site.



Flamboyan and Tropical Gem

When two of the best teams in the world team up you get a chacha to remember. Lets just enjoy this masterpiece of history once more.



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