7 + 1 impressive Ladies’ Solo Choreos

7+1 Ladies’ Solo Choreographies impressed us for the special quality that these ladies bring on stage.

The soulful Griselle.


music: La Charanga 76 con Hansel y Raul / song: Ku Ku Cha

 The powerful Delia


music: Celia Cruz  / song: Danza Del Cocoye

The explosive Jessica


music: Valentin Valdes  / song: El Timbalero

The graceful Tania


music: Celia Cruz  / song: Canto a la Habana

The fierce Almendra


music: Tito Puente / song: Timbalero

The legendary Alien


music: Elio Revé y Su Charangón  / song: Mi Salsa tiene Sandunga

The mesmerizing Selena


music: Tito Puente  / song: Ti mon Bo

As a Greek based blog, we couldn’t overlook the female solo champion of Greece for 2018.

The uprising Giolena


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