Mamboland 2018!

A 3day camp designed to cure the madness called Mambo, and succeeds in doing the exact opposite. It leaves you addicted to the bone!

It’s no wonder that the name ‘Mamboland’ is surrounded by such a craze. The tickets are sold out in just a few days and dancers from all over the world are willing to travel miles to attend the event. Well, think about it…

Take 2 perfectionists and brilliant minds and put them to work together. The one is the dreamer, believer, visionary, master of this (cr)art, respected teacher, performer, and innovator in his field, Adolfo Indacochea. The other is the doer, the know-how professional with excellent marketing and event organization skills, the business strategist, Cheyenne Kamran. Add a cherry to the top. Thomas Guerrero, the widely respected by the dance world, who puts the final touch in the schedule, along with Adolfo. Get these people to work together and there you have it. Boom! A recipe for unquestionable success. It’s a few days after Mamboland and social media are going crazy with videos and pics from the classes, the shows, the attendees expressing their need for more.

But I mean there are salsa festivals happening every weekend all over the world, yet every salsero/mambero desires to attend this specific one. Why? I’ve got the answer for you.

It’s actually a festival that genuinely cares for its attendees.

Yes, read that again, it’s true. People who work for Mamboland actually work their asses off after the passes are sold and they are there to guarantee everything runs smoothly and everyone is happy. I guess now you got more curious and need more details, so here you are

The Purpose

Those thoughts you had about having some time off between classes, maybe walk around Milan and have a nice espresso, well forget about them. In Mamboland, you need to be focused. You wake up, have breakfast and get ready for a surprise schedule, refuel in between and then back to class. You actually choose this because you take dance seriously and you are happy to feel exhausted.  The kind-of secluded venue as well as the good meals offered, help every dancer to keep their mind on just one thing: Training.

The Track Placement

I admit at first I found this track placement thing a bit unnecessary and cheesy. I mean, if you are a dancer who actually respects their time and is focused and motivated, this is just something extra. However, I agree this is a great marketing idea. It kind of makes every attending dancer feel that they are being taken care of. What’s unique about it, is that it customizes the services offered to each client. No other festival has ever offered such a thing.

On the contrary, let’s say you decide to attend a class in a salsa/bachata/kizomba festival. Usually, you end up joining an advanced class where half of the audience can’t keep up. As a result, everyone gets frustrated. The teachers are frustrated because they usually have to change what they originally had in mind to teach. The students are frustrated because some can’t keep up, whereas some don’t find the challenge they had hoped for.

Mamboland’s solution?  The track placement. Now, does that mean that every dancer in the master class was better than any dancer in the main plus? Definitely not! There are many factors that contribute to this, like how quickly can you pick up choreography? How familiar are you with speed, syncopations, turns and weight transfer? How well can you control your anxiety when you see Adolfo looking at you?Teeth chattering… Combine all these and you can get a placement that you shouldn’t actually take too personally. After all, you’re only there to learn! I have to admit though that when Adolfo hands you the pass bracelet, damn that feels good!

The classes

How exciting it is to go to your class and not know what to expect. Surprise! It`s different, right? You get Antonio & Jasmina Berardi and realize you shouldn’t have eaten that much for breakfast because you can’t really move either your chest (for Yoruba) or your shoulders (for Palo)… or you get Karel Flores & Benny Ayala, Thomas Guerrero &Tania Cannarsa and you realize it was not a good idea having danced until 5am because you can’t even move your feet. Amneris Martinez & Mitchell Provence… Damn! Why haven’t I thought about being more loose when I move? And I could go on with the amazing teachers on all tracks. The funny thing was that during lunch time, everyone was so curious to find out  what had been taught in other tracks. Can I get an all track bracelet for next year, please???

I’ll put a hold on my enthusiasm by mentioning a couple of things about the musicality/history/q&a sessions. These sessions, or at least the majority of them, could have been more specific, detail-oriented, or educative. Unfortunately, in most cases (not all) they were considered as a break from the intensive classes, but with no actual added value. This comment has no intention of judging, it is just mentioned with the sole purpose of improvement. After all, you do expect there are perfectionists among your attendees, right?

The parties

There was unbelievably great social dancing that made you go to bed with a huge smile on your face and your feet swollen. The fact that Tito Puente Jr, Frankie Figueroa, El Chino y la Differencia were playing all Saturday night long, was just amazing. Sunday night was all about the beloved New York and Jimmy Anton playing the amazing music you can dance at his socials in downtown Manhattan. Still remember the last song played…Anacaona by Cheo Feliciano.

Another important thing to be mentioned, is that no artists were seen to say no to a dance.  I can’t stress enough how important that is. For the dancers, for the festival, for the artists themselves at the very end.

The shows

Everyone got goosebumps with the shows executed live on Saturday night, even Adolfo got a bit emotional at the end while stating how he feels about dancing to a live Latin orchestra. Those Saturday night shows were perfection, indeed. As for the shows on Friday and Sunday, truth be told, some of them were awesome, and some only ok 😊 Sunday night shows closed with Tropical Gem dancing and proving that hard work and discipline pay off, no matter if you dance on1, on2, on whatever.

Dance is One.

The After Mamboland days

Despite being sleep-deprived, in need of a whole body athletic massage and depressed about when am I going to dance socially that well again, the main post-Mamboland feelings are satisfaction, happiness, motivation to train more and inspiration to create. Mamboland’s aim – to my humble opinion, was to cater for each and every dancerand trigger their feelings. At the same time, it somehow magically brought dancers and artists/performers closer than usual. It’s not that the training offered something technique-wise, but it sure provided inspiration to keep on going… keep on working hard and be a  perfectionist. Just like Adolfo. And so many other incredible teachers out there.

  • Mamboland is a 3nights/2days event held in Milan, and gathers salsa/mambo dancers, artists, djs and musicians from all over the world. In 2019, there will be (3) Mamboland events held in Milan, Montreal and Guangzhou
  • Before you attend classes, you need to decide on a track among Transition from 1to2, Main, Main Plus and Master. If aiming for Master or Main Plus, you need to take a Placement “exam” either on Friday afternoon or on Saturday morning.
  • Great music & dancing during the parties is guaranteed.
  • There is no bachata room. Actually, even bachata instructors are “forced” to dance mambo 😊
  • Nope, no kizomba room either.
  • visit the official site of Mamboland

Stay on the dance floor: Till the next time people, remember why you started..and keep on dancing. For you 😊

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