5 secrets to be the best lady partner


Yes, there are unwritten laws also for you ladies wishing to be at the top of the “most wanted followers” list in every party. Having a fine technique isn’t enough… male dancers spoke and here’s what they told us:

1.  All he wants is your smile.

He’s trying to impress you with all his “armory” of moves. He’s thinking, creating the perfect social dance for you (or at least he’s trying…). He’s taking courses to improve himself and dance you skillfully. The least you can do is smile at him. Before, during and after the dance too.



2.  Decline politely.

What if you’ve been dancing all night and your feet hurt? What if this is not one of your favorite songs? You shouldn’t lose your manners for reasons as such. You can decline of course but do it nicely. There’s no need to find a feeble excuse, just say “…sorry, I can’t… thank you”.

3.  Don’t be afraid to ask someone for a dance.

Ladies who ask for a dance at least once, automatically enter the list of candidates for future dances. Enough with not having a say at with whom you’re dancing next… if you want to dance, go ask for it.

4. Wear your Channel no.5

Ok, not only your perfume but yes, smelling nice is important for both dancing partners.


5.  Dance with him, for him.

Dancing is not about other male dancing partners noticing you, or showing off your excellent styling or even for making your girl-friends jealous for dancing with the “best dancer” in the club. Your attention should be focused on the one you’re dancing with. Politeness and security demand it!

And don’t forget no.1!!!

Bonus: Here are two legends of salsa…

 Stay on the dance floor 😉

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