5 secrets to become the best Leader on the dance floor


You know your moves, you practice a lot, you’re pleasant and you want something to top up your popularity. We are sharing 5 secrets that no one told you before (but all lady dancing partners know).

1. Smell nice.

Number One reason for being an unwanted partner for all lady dancers, is stench. Yes, I know: “we dance and consequently we sweat”. So what? That’s not a good enough excuse for becoming the least wanted dance partner! Bring extra t-shirts along and refresh yourself regularly.

2. Be polite- always.

Never lose your manners when your lady partner is “sour”, or if you didn’t enjoy dancing with her at all. Even if she refused you the dance… Politeness applies to your dancing  too. Being a “polite” partner in dance means to respect your lady partner’s dancing level. When dancing with a beginner, you don’t have to show all your moves during one single dance.

3. Dance for your partner.

Don’t think of who’s looking at you when you dance with “the best lady partner” or how many spins you’ll have her do before she passes out dizzy. Focus on how you’re going to offer an enjoyable dance and how you’ll manage leaving the dance floor with a huge smile on your face- both of you.

4. Take care of her for as long as you dance.

Don’t let anything bad happen to your lady partner as long as she is “under your protection”. As she spins endlessly be aware of the surrounding dancing couples, of the waiter passing by too close, of the wall approaching dangerously… protect her, make her feel safe when dancing with you and she’ll never refuse you a dance.


5. Don’t use force!

You don’t have to pull, push or force your lady partner to do anything… what if she didn’t understand your signal? Be creative and do something else, adopt and try again. Surely she’ll appreciate it more and will always accept dancing with you.

Integrate these 5 elements in your behavior and you’ll find your popularity launching in the sky!

Bonus : one of our favorite social.

Stay on the dance floor! 😉

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