Divine New Year


On the second day of the New Year 2018, we had the pleasure of attending the Las Divinas Show and the experience can be really described as a revival of the swing period. Without doubt, the meticulous direction of the show managed to wake the audience up to the style and the atmosphere of the swing music and the entire swing period. The set, the lights, the costumes and the sequence of the songs all fit perfectly together. I could not help but wonder whether the direction of the show had been an individual or a team work.

The three performers Susan Terregrosa, Carla Mora Freixas and Irene Ruiz Salvatella, embodied three divas of the 20th century, namely Lulú, Sofia and Nicole respectively. Their rotation on stage gave each of the performers the opportunity to display their extraordinary singing and dancing skills; the real stunning show however, was the time when all performers appeared together on stage, as the audience could enjoy an absolutely synchronized result.

During the show I closed my eyes for a moment and let myself listen to the music. The excellent synchronization of the band gave me the impression that I was listening to a recorded album; I thought that clearly this show must have taken endless hours of rehearsal. The most important is that the band members themselves: Bernat Font (piano), Dusanka Misxevic (saxophone) Marti Elias Vinal (drums) and of course Ivan Kovacevic (double bass) seemed to enjoy the performance as much as the audience did.

Apart from the performers, the members of the band also changed costumes in order to keep up with the look of the time period they presented each time.

One could see the warm response of the audience to the show, as the venue was full of people of all ages, who enjoyed both the music and the short theatrical scenes performed by the band.

This show is surely the best way to approach this type of music, whether you are a fan of swing, or you know little about it -as I. Swing feels smooth and familiar when one listens to it. But, why is that so?

Maybe it is because this music is closer to us than we realize. Everyone has listened to Fred Astaire singing Cheek to Cheek; even Robbie Williams recently remixed Puttin’ on the Ritz. Swing music inspires optimism and it is hardly a random fact that swing was a musical uplift during the era of the Great Depression.

Info:Divine New Year
  • Las Divinascome from Spain, and have been performing for 10 years on stage.
  • They already have three records, “Chocolat”  “Enchante” and “Paradis“.
  • They have appeared in shows from East to West and have also participated in the movie “The Pelayos” by Eduard Còrtes.
  • Their dance skills are not at all inferior to their vocal skills, as they excel at tap-dancing and other types of dance.

Stay on the dance-floor: One of the most consistent Greek musicians will introduce us to the world of swing and rock ‘n roll… 😉

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