First things first


Like most people, I listen to music and sometimes feel like dancing to it. 

I have no musical or dancing education whatsoever. I have never had any undisclosed desire to learn how to dance or learn about music.

It is just that one day a single question came to my mind:

“Do I have a sense of rhythm?”

Or is moving along the beat in a bar the best I can do?

In my quest regarding the options available to people who pursuit to learn how to dance, e.g. dance schools, correspondence courses, youtube tutorials or apps, suddenly a parallel universe revealed itself before me.

Latin, Swing, Tango, Flamenco, traditional Greek dances, traditional Cuban dances are only a part of that universe. Among others, I learned that salsa is danced differently in Cuba, New York or Los Angeles; and that there are various types of Salsa, such as Salsa Cubana, Colombiana, Rueda, and other types of dance that are close to salsa such as Bachata, Pachanga, Boogaloo, Merengue etc.

There is also Tango Argentino or European and a relation of those two with Kizomba and Zouk?

Is there a revival of rock ‘n’ roll nowadays, or is it my impression that people are increasingly dancing Swing?

All of the above is taking place in the present. And there is even more: national and international contests, festivals, seminars, teachers, recognized choreographers, new bands with rich discography, and of course parties. We have the pleasure of living in Athens, a city that hosts at least one party of each type of dance every night.

There is not enough promotion of this activity. Not only in Greece, but also on an international level. Young Greek artists may be awarded internationally for their performance, but unfortunately there is no way to spread this news to the public, therefore we do not get to know their work.

Let’s get to know this artistic movement that is called

Social Dancing.



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