Karel Flores: the Vision!

A discussion with Karel Flores cannot be confined to usual topics. In the beginning we were anticipating an interesting interview; in the end -We can say it with certainty, we ended up with an absolutely inspiring talk.

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Mamboland 2018!

A 3day camp designed to cure the madness that is called Mambo, and succeeds in doing the exact opposite...it leaves you addicted to the bone...

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Karel Flores: the Flow!

In a conversation about the people who nowadays define Salsa, we must certainly include KAREL FLORES as a top dancer, choreographer and instructor. Karel seems to go with the flow, but from a point onward, she actually IS the flow.

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5 secrets to be the best lady partner

Yes, there are unwritten laws also for you ladies wishing to be at the top of the “most wanted lady partners” list in every party. Having a fine technique isn’t enough... male dancers spoke and here’s what they told us...

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5 Celebrations and 1 Gift

5 important events are coming up! SocialDance365 is also celebrating its first anniversary with a gift to thank you for the 18.000+views of our articles. Learn how it can be yours...

The Phenomenon Fernando Sosa!

Interview: Fernando Sosa is one of the greatest salsa maestros, distinguished for his unique style, and an inspiration for salseros all around the world. After 25 years as a dancer, choreographer and teacher he shares with us his thoughts and secrets about the mentality of Tropical Gem, his plans, the future of salsa and festival and much more…

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